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ROAV7 offers its UAV inspection services in the Oil & Gas, the industry, the energy sectors for nuclear, solar and wind power, but also for all types of industrial infrastructure.

The ROAV7’s team offers you tailor-made offers according to your needs and work in complex environments.

ROAV7’s drones are equipped with visual and thermal sensors to collect data on its customers’ infrastructures in difficult-to-reach areas or in confined compartments. The data collected is processed to carry out damage maps, and to detect corrosion points, cracks, weld defects, and also weakened anchor points. ROAV7 also models the infrastructures of its customers for measurements, verticality studies, and deformations.

Inspection thermique


Oil and Chemicals

ROAV7 operates in the Oil & Gas sector by providing drone inspections in complex environments.
ROAV7 adapts the material resources according to its customers’ projects, always enabling a tailor-made offer.


ROAV7 offers to inspect the infrastructures of its customers in order to detect and locate potential anomalies. We precisely examine concrete infrastructures : bridges, dams, holding tanks, boxes and industrial buildings. 

Energies and raw materials

ROAV7 operates its drones in the energy sectors for the inspection of different types of structures such as hydraulic dams, solar farms, wind farms and nuclear power plants.
Our services enable us to dispel any doubts and obtain precise data in order to facilitate maintenance operations and to have an inventory of the installations.

Construction and Public Works

ROAV7 realizes digital surveys by drone for construction projects and provides its customers with 3D models of buildings under construction. That enables to compare theoretical plans with the existing ones, to follow the progress of the site, to have maps elements such as metal reinforcement, to study the verticality of structures.


No shutdown

No production loss

We can access unreachable areas without stopping production.


Human risk decrease

We can decrease on cord working hours.


Remote intervention

With a few minutes UAV flights, we can reach your interest points.

More accurate

Complete assessment

We can collect exhaustive, clear and precise data for all of your facilities.