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Frequently asked questions


How long is a UAV inspection operation ?

Duration of operations depend of the necessary precision and the surface of the area inspected. Checking a specific point of interest takes a few minutes of flight while inspecting large areas with milimetric precision may take several days.


How many operators are necessary ?

ROAV7 teams always operate with a minimum of two persons : a field engineer and a UAV pilot.


How long do you need to fly on my site ? 

Operation time depends of the precision and the complexity of the project. ROAV7 is reactive and responds as fast as possible for intervention in Europe and Africa.

What maximum accuracy can you obtain ?

Depending on flight conditions, we go as far as 0.2 mm per pixel; which is equivalent to the human eye at arms’ lenght from the inspecterd structure.


Can you inspect confined spaces  ?

ROAV7 has developed solutions to fly inside confines compartments : inside tanks, floating compartments, silos, buildings, etc. We find means to georeference our data without GPS cover.