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Visual and thermal inspection of silos

ROAV7 inspects by UAVs the internal and external structures of silos and storage facilities. ROAV7 operates on the concrete surfaces inspection, both in confined compartments and outside. We fully examine concrete surfaces or we dispel any doubts on some spots of interest. 

ROAV7 provides its clients orthophotographies : hundreds of high definition pictures to allow a global overview of the silo. Based on this complete data, a detailed report on detected flaws and anomalies is made. 

We also 3D model structures to assess their verticability, hollow and possible distortions.


Avoid asset shutdown

A few operation hours are enough to collect datas which will be processed and analyzed in the back office. It saves from long and dangerous scaffold manipulations and avoids storage facilities shutdowns.


UAV inspection of the internal and external structure of silos enables to save unnecessary intervention with cords on manually-required intervention areas. In a few minutes, we can safely dispel any doubts of our clients.


With a minimalist site intervention and an optimal preparation of flight planning, we can collect safely and quickly datas by UAVs. We processed the datas in the back office for a minimum impact on our clients’ activities.

More accurate

Digital and electronic measures are an accurate and reliable alternative to traditional methods. Avoiding risk, stress and human factors, we carefully analyze the collected data according to our clients’  expectations and needs.

Easier to operate

Carefully prepared, our site operations are realized with a minimalist equipment, avoiding facilities and production shutdowns. We operate efficiently on sites, far from the traditional cherry pickers, scaffolds, or climbing equipment.