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No shutdown

No production loss

We can access unreachable areas without stopping production.


Human risk decrease 

We can decrease on cord working hours.


Remote intervention

With a few minutes UAV flights, we can reach your interest points.

More accurate

Complete assessment

We can collect exhaustive, clear and precise data for all of your facilities.

They trust us


Oil & Chemicals

ROAV7 operates both onshore and offshore in complex areas.

Energy and raw materials

Anomaly cartography and 3D modeling of dams, nuclear facilities, solar and wind panels.


ROAV7 precisely examines concrete infrastructures : bridges, dams, holding tanks, boxes and industrial buildings.

modélisation 3D

3D Modeling

ROAV7 3D models full facilities or areas thanks to pictures taken both by UAVs and hand cameras.

visite virtuelle

Virtual Navigation

ROAV7 offers 360° digital navigation services for plants, nuclear site, oil rigs, offshore rigs/platforms and Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO)

vidéos timelapse


ROAV7 realizes timelapse videos to follow the evolution of construction, demolition or lifting operations in sites.

captation de données aériennes pour le génie civile

Civil Engineering

ROAV7 helps you along your project, from the pre-construction survey to the monitoring and control during all of construction until customer delivery.

inspection par drone pour mines et carrières

Mines and Carriers

ROAV7 offers solutions to manage and exploit carriers or mines by realizing cartographies, digital terrain models, precision stock cubings.

captation de données par drone pour le BTP et la construction

Construction and Public Works

To gain an overview of the remaining work, ROAV7 inspects partially or totally structures, insures a follow-up of construction site or promotes a realization.

films de communication, marketing, institutionnel pour tous secteurs

Communication Films

ROAV7 makes communication and marketing films for its clients, especially in the industrial sector, from script and storyboard writing to final editing.


Created in 2016, ROAV7 is a company specialized in data acquisition and processing collected by drones in complex environments. 

ROAV7 offers to its clients a precise and complete overview of their facilities without interrupting their production, lowering human risks and costs. 

We allow our clients to globally see their facilities regardless of accessibility,  to predict their facilities’ evolution in the future and to optimize inspection processes. 

Specialized in the Oil and Chemicals industry, ROAV7 operates on different and various fields such as offshore, infrastructures, renewable energies, the maritime industry, raw materials and agriculture both in Europe and Africa.


The European legislation for the use of drones is evolving

The European legislation for the use of drones is evolving

The European legislation for the use of drones is evolving  Each operation by drone is framed by a complex regulatory system which is constantly evolving. The European Commission has introduced new rules for using professional and leisure drones. The new...

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