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ROAV7 inspects both the internal and external structures of tanks by UAV.  Thanks to their specific sensors, UAVs can quickly cover the whole tank’s structure and reach high-up areas. 

ROAV7 analyses collected datas to offer its clients:

  • Visual and precise inspection of structures, corrosions, cracks.
  • Gas and liquid leaks.
  • Buildings distortion and verticality analysis through 3D modeling. 
  • Internal walls and frames inspection
  • Isolation analysis

Thanks to UAV inspections of tanks, we can reach quickly and safely difficult areas.


UAV inspection provides viewing, 3D modeling and thermal analysis of tanks and floating roofs.



Our UAVs safely and effectively access every part of tanks.


Thanks to UAV analysis, a half-day to two days on site are sufficient to precisely and fully inspect one or several tanks, reducing the inspection time and the unavailability of the structures.

More accurate

The whole internal and external structure of the tank is photographed in high-definition. This accurate inspection enables us to show, measure and identify cracks and anomalies localized in the area of interest defined by the client.

Easier to operate

ROAV7 teams operate with a two-men team and one backpack carrying the needed equipment. A minimalist equipment for quick intervention.

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