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ROAV7 operates on industrial sites in need of virtual viewing of their site. The digital twin enables our clients to have a look on their site anytime without going on site. 

The interest is many-sided : our clients can remotely train their teams, show a work or stop zone, follow-up on maintenance or anything else. This tool can regularly be updated according to the site changes. The digital tool suits several sites such as plants, nuclear sites, industrial sites, Oil & Gas sites, offshores platforms or FPSO. ROAV7 suits its clients’ needs : we suggest tagging some equipment following the clients’ request to inform the targeted equipment.

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    No shutdown

    No production loss

    ROAV7 operates on your high-up areas without interrupting your activity.


    Human risk decrease

    Thanks to our UAV inspection, our clients can feel free of human factors from intervening and  therefore reducing high-up work hours.


    Remote intervention

    ROAV7 can reach the elements of our clients’ interest within a few minutes of flight.

    More accurate

    Complete overview

    ROAV7 collects exhaustive, clear and accurate data on the whole windmill facilities.