In October 2016, one of the main majors in the Republic of Congo chose ROAV7 and its local partner to perform a close visual inspec- tion of a confined compartment of a FPU with presence of H2S.
A FPSO hull requires an annual visual inspection in order to retain the main class.
The inspections were previously performed by rope access and scaffolding involving 10 men over 15 operational days.


An initial job risk assessment contributed to risk mitigation for the use of UAV in the con- fined space.
ROAV7 mobilised the light for an optimal vis- ualisation of the most challenging areas with a 0.05 mm anomaly precision.
The local positioning system contributed to an accurate geo-localization of the imagery. Blade protections preserved the integrity of the UAV.
The know-how and an optimized resource mobilization allowed ROAV7 to perform the inspection of a 3840m3 hull within 10 opera- tional hours.
The ROAV7 Data team identified, measured and localized the corrosion points and anom- alies within a week and delivered a 3D model and orthomosaics to its client. It further ac- companied the client in necessary support for data analysis and processing.

Personnel and equipment

2*PAX (Operations manager & Field engineer)
2*UAVs designed for inspection
5*Local Positioning Sytems
2*High-definition digital cameras
1*Specific light for UAV & 1* Lightning Ballon
Total weight: 125 kg in 6 boxes


ROAV7 has proved that UAV inspection and data processing can deliver a faster, safer and higher service quality compared to traditional processes. The Client has adopted our UAV-inspection as a standard for the inspection of the remaining com- partments.
ROAV7 provides Data processing for predictive maintenance and for the optimization of the fixing interventions, particularly in offering the localisation of anomalies.

ROAV7 Mission

ROAV7 is committed to do more with less while supporting the new challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. ROAV7 actively works on data acquisition, processing and interpretation to deliver customized risk management solutions.