In August 2016, one of the main majors in Angola chose ROAV7 and its local partner to perform a visual and thermal inspection of its 3 FPSOs’ flares.

Before ROAV7’s intervention, flare inspections were performed by helicopters.

The client requested the inspection to be performed within a short period of time due to the facility maintenance shutdown.


In order to perform the inspection within the client’s operational window, ROAV7 obtained the authorization and customs clearance in compliance with country’s regulations prior to the intervention.

ROAV7 mobilized « first in class » technology to deliver the highest service quality.

ROAV7 performed inspections of 3 different FPSOs within 4 operational days (and 2 mobilisation days), including boat transfer and safety induction on each facility with 0 NPT.

Personnel and equipment

2*PAX (Operations manager & Field engineer)
2*UAVs designed for inspection
2*High-definition thermal cameras
2*High-definition digital cameras
Total weight: 75 kg in 3 boxes transferred on site by the personnel (no additional external logistics required for the transfer of the equipment).


ROAV7 proved to operate efficiently within short time frames in challenging environments.
UAV inspection and data processing is the fastest and safest solution for periodical flare and hull inspections as well the monitoring of the evolution of surface anomalies.

ROAV7 Mission

ROAV7 is committed to do more with less while supporting the new challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. ROAV7 actively works on data acquisition, processing and interpretation to deliver customized risk management solutions.