In Septembre 2016, one of the main majors in Angola chose ROAV7 and its local partner to perform a close visual inspection of a FPSO hull.

A FPSO hull requires an annual visual inspection in order to retain the main class.

Before ROAV7’s intervention, hull inspections were performed by boat.


ROAV7 performed the operation from a tug boat in less than 4 hours. The client representative was on board to specify the areas of interest. The images from the operation reached the HQ in Luanda within the day.

ROAV7 managed to perform the inspection despite the challenging weather conditions with 4-meters waves-height and a wind-speed of 12 knots as per the weather forecast. Despite the wind, the UAV captured over 3000 images.

The ROAV7 Data team identified, measured and localized the corrosion points and anomalies within a week and delivered a 3D model and orthomosaics to its client. It further ac- companied the client in necessary support for data analysis and processing.

Personnel and equipment

2*PAX (Operations manager & Field engineer)
2*UAVs designed for inspection
2*High-definition thermal cameras
2*High-definition digital cameras
Total weight: 75 kg in 3 boxes transferred on site by the personnel (no additional external logistics required for the transfer of the equipment).


ROAV7 has proved that UAV inspection and data processing can deliver a faster, safer and higher service quality compared to traditional processes.
ROAV7 provides Data processing for predictive maintenance and for the optimization of the fixing interventions, particularly in offering the localisation of anomalies.

ROAV7 Mission

ROAV7 is committed to do more with less while supporting the new challenges of the Oil & Gas industry. ROAV7 actively works on data acquisition, processing and interpretation to deliver customized risk management solutions.