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The European legislation for the use of drones is evolving


Each operation by drone is framed by a complex regulatory system which is constantly evolving. The European Commission has introduced new rules for using professional and leisure drones. The new regulations are to be applied in 2020.

These rules aim to guarantee the safety and security of drone operations in Europe and to protect the privacy of citizens.

Technical and operational specificities are required for these drones and regulations specific to pilot training are to improve the safety of UAV operations.



ROAV7 has developed a set of procedures allowing it to intervene safely within the legal framework imposed by the authorities.

Upstream, during, and downstream of operations, ROAV7 organizes each of its interventions within the framework imposed by the legislator, and manages the requests for authorizations of flights with the authorities, the actors of the aerial sectors (aerodromes, etc …) or neighboring infrastructure managers (highways, prisons, industrial or military zones, etc.).

Before each mission, ROAV7 produces an operational risk analysis for its clients, to identify and prevent drone related risks.

Flight plans are carried out in strict compliance with the client’s authorizations, regulatory framework and respect for privacy. Emergency procedures are also put in place.

ROAV7 also ensures the absence of temporary prohibitions of flight indicated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGAC), which are put in place during important events generating large people gatherings. Il was recently the case during the Rouen Armada.

ROAV7 operates in industrial and critical environments. Each operation presents its technical and safety challenges. Piloting a drone in these conditions is a competition of its own, and pilots must be aware and prepared to all possible risks, know beforehand the environment in which they will operate and meticulously prepare the operation.


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