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ROAV7 completes a concrete nuclear reactor model inspection in high resolution for EDF



In October 2018, ROAV7, a start-up specialized in aerial data acquisition and data processing, was selected by EDF to operate a pilot project : a UAV inspection of a concrete structure in very high definition.

The purpose of the drone inspection project was to explicitly map the visible disorders on a reactor wall model designed to study accelerated aging of the concrete.

In just a few hours, ROAV7 surveyed 330 square meters of the reactor model by UAV. A processing treatment of these data was carried out in the back office in order to deliver an orthophotography enabling to visualize, to measure and to characterize with precision the common defects of the concrete: spalling, corrosion, detachment, visible metal, and cracks from 0.2 mm width.



ROAV7 has already carried out projects of this type and with an accuracy of 0.3 mm per pixel on other concrete surfaces: bridge columns, barge hulls, and offers its clients from private and public sectors analyzes of their concrete infrastructures.

For this type of application, ROAV7 provides  inspection reports presenting the identified disorders, as well as orthophotography and 3D models of the structures.



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